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Latest news from around the village

Please visit this page for regular updates on the news around the village from Warmsworth Parish Council, news regarding the Warmsworth Community Hub , open PDF's of the Edlington & Warmsworth Talks and Sprotbrough Arrow, or direct links to the websites of Warmsworth Pre-School, Button's Out of  School Club (based on Mill Lane),

Warmsworth Primary School and Sir Thomas Wharton Academy.

Warmsworth Parish


Latest News

Warmsworth Community Hub

Latest News

Road Closures & Planning


Edlington &

Warmsworth Talks

latest publication

Sprotbrough Arrow



Please note the publications Edlington & Warmsworth Talks and the Sprotbrough Arrow

are published by external organisations 

Warmsworth Pre-School

Buttons Out of School Club

Warmsworth Primary School

Sir Thomas Wharton Academy

Click on the pictures above to open directly into the websites or Facebook sites for

Warmsworth PreSchool, Buttons Out of School Club,

Warmsworth Primary School & Sir Thomas Wharton Academy. 

Please note these are external websites and are not manged by Warmworth Parish Council

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