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Warmsworth Environmental Group (WEG)


The WEG members meet at the side of the Warmsworth library every Wednesday at 10am weather permitting.

No one is expected to commit to every Wednesday and members come along when they feel they are able to give their time. Litter picks and bags are provided.

Any help you can give if greatly appreciated.


In March the Warmsworth Environmental Group joined forces with the Don Gorge Group for a mammoth litter pick for the Great British Spring Clean up. The groups had a successful day with over 35 bags of rubbish collected from the Gorge.

Although the WEG litter pick on a weekly basis we do need the help of all our residents to keep the fronts of their properties tidy and help us in our endeavours to keep Warmsworth a pleasant place to live. We are receiving numerous residents complaints  regarding grass verges being abused by cars and turned into quagmires and hoping in time and working with the Dmbc ground maintenance team to improve these areas.

The Quarry park is slowly being refurbished and there are plans for a new path to be installed on the lower part of the Stapleton Rd exit. We are looking to refresh the planters around the area and install a planter at the crossroad junction this year to improve the centre of our village! We hope you will join us in taking pride and care for the village we live in.

Many thanks - Chris Pattison   WEG 


Hi everyone, the WEG has had some good news regarding the Quarry Park this week.

The grant funding project for the park is due to start in the next few weeks so hopefully by spring there will be a noticeable improvements in the park. A railing is to be installed on the top terrace adjacent to the dell and a ramp installed on the lower level to help with wheelchair access and grass cutting machinery.

There are plans to reinstate a path from the Willow tree to the back entrance of the park, notice boards and a new bench and litter bin installed along the new path. The tennis court area is to be up graded and the council is looking to replace the coping stones lost from the access steps to the grassed area behind the library.

Unfortunately, not all good news as shrubs were stolen from the oval bed at the entrance to the park within days of them being planted. It is a sad fact that there are those who do not care or appreciate the work that volunteers do to keep our community a pleasant place to live.
The litter pick group still meet on a Wednesday and work around Warmsworth to keep it litter free and appeal to all our residents to help by using the litter bins and making a difference by keeping the area around their property litter free.
Many thanks - WEG


The parish council purchased 20 lamppost poppies this year from the British Legion and would like to add more in 2024. Surrounding parish councils gave their residents the opportunity to sponsor a £5 lamppost poppy for Armistice day and Warmsworth Parish council will be giving our residents the same opportunity to sponsor a poppy for next years
commemorations. There will be more information advertised on the council website and on our notice boards next year.

Or if you are interested in sponsoring next years event please contact the parish clerk

Mr Andrew Bosman at


For more than 30 years the residents of the Doncaster community of Warmsworth have been able to enjoy a moment of rest thanks to a community benches that were provided with the support of a grant by well known local builders Ben Bailey.

Picture shows (standing left to right) Warmsworth Parish Hub Operations Manager Rob Rothewell, Jon Bailey of Ben Bailey, Parish Councillor and environment group leader Christine Pattison and (seated) environment group volunteers Dave Paxton and Sue Phillips

The Warmsworth Environmental Group benches became a much-used central feature of Warmsworth life, continuing long after the original Ben Bailey brand had gone.

But the Ben Bailey name is now back - a part of the Conroy Brook Group - and the company has recently completed work on the The Halt, a selection of 19 three and four bedroom family homes on the site of the former Warmsworth Reservoir.

And to show their continued support for the community, the Ben Bailey team has given a donation to the Warmsworth Environmental Group to provide two new benches in the same spot, on the approach to the new development.

“We were delighted when the Warmsworth Environmental Group approached us about supporting their valuable work,” said Ben Bailey Sales Director Jon Bailey.

“We take great pride in supporting the communities we are working in and we know the new benches will be appreciated by the people of Warmsworth.

“The Environmental Group are a small active group of volunteers working around Warmsworth to improve the environment for all residents and as our development brings new families into the community, we feel their work is deserving of everybody’s support.”


Members of the Warmsworth Environmental Group joined forces with members of the Don Gorge Community Group on 23rd March to give the Don Gorge a good Spring Clean.
37 bags of rubbish were collected, along with a tractor tyre, a gas bottle, a fire extinguisher and 4 car tyres.
A great effort by all the volunteers but, we must remember to keep pushing the ‘don’t drop litter’ message 

Warmsworth Environmental Group working in the village filling planters and gardening in the Quarry park.

If you would like to join us please email or call  mobile:- 07982404804  or

Any help is always appreciated.


Concerns have been raised at the ongoing deterioration of the grass verges in Warmsworth. The green spaces we have all taken for granted over the years are slowly being destroyed and we are appealing to the DMBC to help reinstate and protect them. All three roads Mill Lane, Sheffield Road and Lords Head Lane verges are owned by DMBC Highways and concerns have been raised by the Parish Council and Warmsworth Environmental group at the neglect we are experiencing from vehicles misusing the verges and utility companies also disturbing the verges and not reinstating as per their contract. The recent utility company City Fibre were attempting to reseed in the middle of winter so we are now left with mud where we once had grass.
A few years ago some residents on Mill Lane were granted licences to plant shrubs and stop vehicles parking on the verges and this has been a success. More recently we have had a requests from some residents on Lords Head Lane for shrub licences and DMBC are renewing the verge licences to help residents who are keen to reinstate the green space outside their properties which has been lost to unsightly patches of mud where there was once grass.
Over time the WEG are looking to work with the DMBC ground maintenance teams on the best ways of reintroducing and preserving the verges. As a village we are very fortunate to have not only green space in our 3 parks but also green space around our village and it is important as a community we respect and protect these verges which are owned by DMBC and should not be open to abuse. We hope that residents will support the WEG in our endeavours to have a greener and cleaner environment for all.  Thankyou - WEG

There has been voices of concern raised by a few residence that notices have been erected on the grassed area at the rear of the community centre requesting dog owners not to use the area for dog walking. 
The Resource Centre is now the new Warmsworth Community Hub and Warmsworth Preschool children and Rainbow Group are using the green space for recreational purposes.

The Parish Council has a duty of care especially when we have young children accessing the grassed area for activities. Fortunately, the King George Field ( cricket field) is only metres away for dogs to be exercised so hopefully most dog owners will understand why we have had to make the above request.

We thank you in anticipation of your cooperation in this matter. 

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