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Click below to open the PDF's of the 'Public Viewing of the Accounts Notice' and Annual Accounts nSummary 

Please note,  to fulfil the statutory requirements of an external audit for Warmsworth Parish Council you can view the 'Public Viewing of the Accounts Notice'  and the 'Annual Accounts  & Summary'

Warmsworth Parish Council - Latest News

There is currently one vacancies for a Parish Councillor - for more details contact the Clerk on 01302 858053 or

please e-mail


Warmsworth Parish Council - councillor vacany

Warmsworth Parish Council currently has one vacancy for a parish councillor. If you have an interest in your village and can spare a few hours every month then please contact the parish clerk, Andrew Bosmans at

You can dedicate as little or as much time as you have to the role - the minimum the role requires is attendance at Parish Council meetings, once per month for 10 months of the year.

After recently acquiring the Comminity Hub building, these are exciting times for the village and someone with new and fresh ideas would be  welcomed.

Recycle it right! Residents urged to check recycling bins



Concerns have been raised at the ongoing deterioration of the grass verges in Warmsworth. The green spaces we have all taken for granted over the years are slowly being destroyed and we are appealing to the DMBC to help reinstate and protect them.

All three roads Mill Lane, Sheffield Road and Lords Head Lane verges are owned by DMBC Highways and concerns have been raised by the Parish Council and Warmsworth Environmental group at the neglect we are experiencing from vehicles misusing the verges and utility companies also disturbing the verges and not reinstating as per their contract. The recent utility company City Fibre were attempting to reseed in the middle of winter so we are now left with mud where we once had grass.

A few years ago some residents on Mill Lane were granted licences to plant shrubs and stop vehicles parking on the verges and this has been a success. More recently we have had a requests from some residents on Lords Head Lane for shrub licences and DMBC are renewing the verge licences to help residents who are keen to reinstate th

e green space outside their properties which has been lost to unsightly patches of mud where there was once grass.

Over time the WEG are looking to work with the DMBC ground maintenance teams on the best ways of reintroducing and preserving the verges.

As a village we are very fortunate to have not only green space in our 3 parks but also green space around our village and it is important as a community we respect and protect these verges which are owned by DMBC and should not be open to abuse.

We hope that residents will support the WEG in our endeavours to have a greener and cleaner environment for all.  Thankyou - WEG

Road closures in Doncaster - 

Please click on the link below to take you to the webpage at City of Doncaster Council's website showing the road closures in and around Doncaster






Unfortunately due to funding cutbacks and Mayoral pledges, certain services in Doncaster have been curtailed or cancelled completely.

There is funding to restore some of these services but the Office of Mayor for South Yorkshire and Travel South Yorkshire have not always been able to find a new tender for the services which have been withdrawn, indeed some may NEVER return. 

The main changes are in the early morning, late evening or on Sundays and some frequencies during the day have also changed. 

The full details for the whole of South Yorkshire are in this link:



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Warmsworth Parish Council 

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